7 free keyword research tools for bloggers

keyword research is one of the building blocks in any effective SEO building strategy. for a blogger ranking on the first page is the primary goal for any post written but this doesn’t happen always. with keyword research, you can target low competition keywords that will be easy to rank for even as a beginner. […]

cost of starting a blog in Kenya in 2022

how much one needs to start a blog in Kenya depends on various factors like hosting space, server type, technology, etc. however there are bare minimums your host should offer no matter what package you choose they include. have uptime at 99.99% have excellent customer service that responds to customer queries on time be registered […]

How to monetize a new site to earn over $1000 monthly.

can a new site make money? how long does it take for a new site to make a substantial income? these questions are always being asked by new bloggers who want to make a living out of blogging.new sites can and do make money if monetized correctly. so how does a new site make money? […]

Off-page SEO for beginners: tips and tricks

Off-page SEO is everything you do outside of your website to create brand awareness and build organic traffic. this includes link building, content marketing, social media too name a few. Why is off-page SEO important Without off-page SEO getting noticed by new prospects is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Get started […]

On-page SEO for the beginner: tips & tricks.

what is on-page SEO and is it important? On-page SEO also known as on “site SEO” is the process of optimizing elements in web pages to improve organic search engine rankings. common on-page SEO practices include optimizing title tags, content, and website code and URLs. Why is on page seo important? On-page SEO is important […]

A Bing webmaster tools condensed guide

According to research, Bing search engine controls just 2.8% of the global search engine volume compared to Google which carries a whopping 91.2%. While this might look like a small number to put effort and attention to. the global search volume runs to the billions monthly so 2% of a billion is not bad at […]

6 top Chrome extensions for WordPress bloggers

Chrome extensions are like plugins in the WordPress library. they add functionality to the chrome browser that would otherwise not have been there without them.  In WordPress, there are 1000s plugins for almost every function that you need. from SEO, email marketing,eCommerce, analytics, and more. Inside the store, there are apps, skins themes, and extensions […]

Top 5 blogging mistakes by beginners.

New bloggers are prone to make mistakes in building their sites that often cost them the success of their site early on. Blogging should as difficult as put by many so-called experts. This article will help you fireproof your blog and guarantee long-term positive growth. Not backing up website This is often overlooked by newbies […]

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