7 free keyword research tools for bloggers

free keyword research tools

keyword research is one of the building blocks in any effective SEO building strategy. for a blogger ranking on the first page is the primary goal for any post written but this doesn’t happen always.

with keyword research, you can target low competition keywords that will be easy to rank for even as a beginner. below are 7 tools that I have tried myself that will help you write articles that meet searchers’ intent.

Semrush keyword magic tool.

SEMRUSH keyword magic tool

Semrush is one of the top tools that are used by top SEO specialists for keyword research, competitor research, link building, and more.it is a paid tool and the cheapest plan comes at $119.95 a month. however, there is the Semrush keyword magic tool under keyword research that is free and can be used to search for keywords opportunities, check keyword difficulty which is a metric that shows how difficult it would be to rank at no 1 for that particular keyword.

CPC is a useful metric that shows how much advertisers are bidding for that keyword.

A-hrefs keyword generator

ahrefs keyword generator

A-hrefs is also one of the premium SEO tools to grow traffic that is used by top marketers worldwide with its cheapest plan coming at $99 for the lite version. there is the ahrefs keyword generator where you can search for keywords however your searches are limited and after that, you will need to start the 7-day trial or upgrade your plan.

HubSpot blog ideas generator.

Hubspot blog ideas generator

Hubspot is one of the top companies in inbound marketing, sales, and customer support. their products are used by many companies to grow their online presence and manage online campaigns. the Hubspot blogs ideas generator though not a keyword research tool will give you up to 5 suggestions for any keyword searched. it’s a useful tool to give you ideas on potential missed opportunities related to keywords.

word tracker

word tracker

word tracker is a free keyword research tool that gives you 10 free searches in its free plan. it’s however limited that it might not show any keyword opportunities even for a popular term like “pig farming business.” it gives the historical data of the searched keyword, search vol, and competition. the user interface is pretty simple they however hide many keyword opportunities to force you to upgrade to the premium version.

keyword chef

keyword chef

I got to find out about keyword chef from a Facebook group. I have used it for a while and personally like its simplicity. for the free version, it comes with 1000 credits and they deduct 1 credit for every keyword charged. the free version is enough to get you started as a blogger in searching for keyword opportunities. the categories are broken down into wildcard, question, best, compare, how to, alternatives & ideas.

these categories make it easier to search for keywords based on the appropriate places they fall into.



Ubersuggest is a tool by Neil Patel a digital marketer with years of experience in SEO.this tool is the best for optimizing your site’s SEO strategy. in the dashboard, there is the keyword overview section where you can search for keywords although limited to 3 searches a day for the free version. the report will show avg monthly search volume, SEO difficulty(also keyword difficulty) CPC & search difficulty.

you can also get content ideas based on material already on search engines. this will help you to structure your post accordingly.

h- super tools

h super tools

of all the tools on this list, h super tools is the simplest to use. just type in a keyword and voila the results.it doesn’t need any tweaking and is one of the effective keyword research tools for a beginner. the tool however has one drawback it does not give accurate results like monthly search vol as compared to others on this list and the suggestions are also fewer.

this tool is useful for a blogger building a hobby site that does not care about in-depth keyword metrics that form accurate decisions.

the keyword research tool is under the SEO section on the drop-down menu.

a point to note is that keyword research even the most advanced gives an estimation of average monthly search volumes and should not be used as a yardstick to dictate whether competition si there or not.

the way people search for information on the internet changes from time to time meaning what is competitive today could be obsolete tomorrow.

7 free keyword research tools for bloggers

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