7 Steps to Building a growth mindset

According to Carol Dweck’s book mindset, there are two main mindsets among individuals there is the fixed mindset that is stuck on how things are and believes that is how they should be and will always be, and then there is the growth mindset that believes there is always room to become better.

While no one wants to have a fixed mindset it is so much ingrained in us from birth that we fail to realize that most of our thoughts & actions stem from a fixed mindset kind of thinking.

a growth mindset is one that believes that you can win at anything if you put effort for long enough time seems skeptical to most people who believe that you must be talented at a thing in order to excel in it.

I was a victim of the fixed mindset I was terrible at basketball in high school and since I had a fixed mindset then I believed that since I wasn’t talented at the sport there was no chance could get better at the sport even if I worked hard and practiced.it just isn’t in me was always my part of my inner dialogue.

I would strongly suggest that you read Carol Dweck’s book mindset if you haven’t to get a better picture of how to flip the switch that wants to keep you stuck in the fixed mindset.

Steps to Building a growth mindset.

Take total ownership of your life-

it’s easy to blame our bosses, the economy, or even the government for anything that goes wrong in our lives. this approach is meant to draw sympathy and remove responsibility from us. taking responsibility for your life and decisions is one of the main steps to shift to a growth mindset that recognizes there is a need to be accountable for our choices and decisions.

Change what you build your self-esteem around-

self-esteem is derived from how we feel about ourselves and where do we draw our values from. for some people, their self-esteem can come from their physical attributes like their jobs, money, looks, smartness which are shallow traits that can be removed in an instant. your self-esteem should not be inflatable that it can be deflated neither should it come from things that can be seen, it should come from your values, growth, service, and things that cant be taken away from you. that way it’s very difficult to unstable emotionally.

Choose friends wisely-

we all have had this from the time we were young especially from our parents/guardians .”don’t walk with so and so they are bad news”.as a grown up you should know that who you choose to associate with will determine the heights which you climb in every aspect of your life. if you see a man sinking don’t jump into the hole to pull him up hand them a rope so as not to sink yourself. spend as little time as possible with people who seem to have no vision or directions for their lives it saves you energy and time.

Get clear on your direction and develop purpose-

A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. says a famous scripture you need to be certain of what you are doing and develop laser-sharp focus filled with steps and strategies of how to get there. your goals should be in writing and within eyeshot if you really want to achieve them. once you identify your direction be so clear and determined that no physical thing apart from death will deter you from achieving it that’s the way to live a fulfilled life.

Find a community-

find people who believe in the growth mindset and are obsessed with personal development find them in seminars workshops, online in forums, and sync yourself with them. I love a famous quote that says that an eagle that hangouts with a chicken will forget how to fly. make it a point to find your fellow eagles and soar together.

Acquire necessary skills-

a growth mindset also needs constantly sharpen your skills or get new ones. if something is not working even after much-concentrated effort refocus your energies on getting new skills that will make you better. have a mindset of yet that believes that even if you are not good at something at the moment with long enough time you can win at anything.

Self-praise/self punish-

don’t cut yourself slack when you perform below your standards punish yourself by choosing what is comfortable like eating ice cream or watching a movie do something you dread like extending your gym workout time until you can’t take it anymore to send a message to your brain that that habit is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated. when you also achieve something a milestone praise your efforts and reward yourself these actions ensure your mindset understands achievement is rewarded and bad habits are punished which is a good a growth mindset trait.

7 Steps to Building a growth mindset

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