8 ways to achieve your new years resolutions

It is said that most new years resolutions are broken before the end of January.

To be honest, new years resolutions don’t work they are just wishful thinking that if not backed by concrete steps to achieve them.

I have tried writing resolutions like save x amount of money this year on my journal but to my surprise or not by the end of that year not have even hit half the target.

At the end of 2021, I knew that I needed to change I was broke(on my way to riches) and tired of not making progress especially financially.

Time for change

While watching a youtube video by Terri Savelle Foy which I urge you all to subscribe to her channel, I saw that she had an offer for one of her programs that was normally retails for $99 but was on offer for $8.my inner spirit immediately nudged me not miss that offer. I scrambled $8 dollars and bought the course.

I have come to realise something about personal progress that you esteem lightly what you get for freely .with the internet you can literally download any course or book for free but the power in buying it with your money is that you will actually see it the end.no sane person likes to lose their investment.

As this is the last week of the course I will share what I have learnt so far about writing down my goals like the winner I am and also how to create powerful vision boards.

steps to effective goal setting in 2022.

Set clear goals

One of the reasons I learnt as to why my goals were not materialising was that my goals were vague and vague goals get vague results. I used to have goals like losing belly fat this year. while I was honest about losing my belly fat my goals didn’t include my exercise regimen, diet, fasting if necessary and when I wanted my belly weight to be lost.

Now this is how I write my goals. i lose my belly fat by April this year by avoiding sugary & junk foods. intermittent fasting and daily doing the exercises in my workout app.

Being specific

this generally hinders people when writing goals, especially where finances are a concern. many people me included write get out of debt as a goal. I love one anonymous quote which says “a problem rooted in ignorance cannot be solved by prayer”. Such goals and I don’t mean to be harsh are ignorant.be specific get out x amount of debt by end of 2023. I will do abcd to make this possible as a sign of faith. now, this is a prayer that even heaven will honour.

Look at your goals.-

one of the biggest takeaways for Terri’s vision board course is putting your goals in front of your eyes as a way of rewiring your brain on the new truths. sad fact but the truth is that our brains are predominantly negative and that if you fail to train your mind to see positive things don’t expect positive results. as a personal exercise, I took a small exercise book where I write my goals every day. I have missed a day or two but I always have that book in my eyeshot.

Mind your Language

-if your goals are not in the present tense the chance of actually them reduces by over 90%. our brains respond with urgency when the language used is present. the past or future doesn’t excite the brain as much as the present does. write I am, I have instead of I will or I should. this program taught me a lot about language use and why it’s important.

Be optimistic but also honest

generally, goals are our aspirations of the near future and what we want it to look like, however, writing goals like I will make $100million this year while you have never made $1million in a year is dishonest to self. your goals need to be optimistic but also real to you. you can’t cheat yourself and you also can’t cheat God. have a starting point that is realistic to you and a future that is impossible in your eyes just add the time to achieve with wisdom

Give towards your goal.

There are various types of giving firstfruit, alms, tithe, seed, thanksgiving etc..while giving towards the poor is noble it doesn’t apply here in luke 6.38 talks about giving and receiving in the parable of the sower christ talked about 30, 60, 100 fold return on giving this is greater interest that no earthly financial institution can offer. give to a church/ministry where you are fed and expect to receive your 100 fold return. every dream has a price tag invest in yours.

Picturize your dreams.

the name of the course is vison board course and that’s what Terri constantly emphasizes in her small lovely voice. your dreams require pictures. one of mine is to travel to Masai mara this year and take my family for a vacation. I downloaded pictures of the lodge we will stay at from the internet and put them on my vision board to see what a beautiful experience.it will cost $1000 which I don’t have on this writing but that’s not the point. my conviction and belief get stronger every time I look at those photos and am looking forward to sharing more photos with you my reader when we travel there.


-if God put it in your heart he will bring it to pass the last portion of Habakkuk 2:3 says “it will surely come, it will not tarry”.belive as I do in the beauty and possibility of our dreams. They will come to pass no doubt about it provided we don’t lose faith.

in one of my goals for this year I wrote with confidence a decree that I quit alcohol and substance abuse and after that I bumped into a video that opened me up to the root cause of my drinking which was low self-esteem back in high school and severe anxiety. I prayed on the root causes and am now delivered the urge to do drugs has left me completely. i didn’t know it will work that fast.

8 ways to achieve your new years resolutions

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