A Bing webmaster tools condensed guide

bing webmaster tools

According to research, Bing search engine controls just 2.8% of the global search engine volume compared to Google which carries a whopping 91.2%.

While this might look like a small number to put effort and attention to. the global search volume runs to the billions monthly so 2% of a billion is not bad at all.

Bing search engine by Microsoft has been around a while and has improved tremendously since its inception.

We look into the Bing webmaster tools which is equivalent to search console by google.

  1. is it important?
  2. what figures should I look for in bing webmaster tools.?
  3. how to add and monitor a site on bing webmaster tools?

getting started on bing webmaster tools

once you log in to bing webmaster you will need to either add your site manually by entering or pasting your URL or importing it from the google search console if it’s already there.be careful to enter the correct URL if it’s HTTP or HTTPS as these are different protocols.

for the option of importing a site from the search console make sure you are logged in to the primary account used in the search console for easy syncing of data. this option is the easiest as it imports data of verified sites on the search console.

it also imports sitemaps automatically from the search console simplifying the process further.

for manual entry, you will need to verify ownership of your site either through DNS, XML file meta tag, or adding a CNAME more on this here.

Bing webmaster tools homepage

Bing webmaster tools homepage

at the top, there is the recommended for you this tab. this tab has useful tips and new features on bing webmaster tools curated for your site. Click on the adjacent button to learn more about each feature

Reports tab gives an overview of the core web vitals of your site such as clicks, impressions,avg.CTR, AVG, position indexed pages and other variables.

this information is only available after content has been indexed and ranked so nothing will be shown on the first day. at the bottom, there is the SEO report and URL submission report.

search performance

bing search performance

the search performance tab shows an overview of the keywords that your site ranks for on the Bing search engine. on this tab, there is a list of keywords from organic searches and how they are driving searches to your blog posts based on metrics such as impressions, clicks, CTR, and average position.

this table presents top-performing pages on the bing search engine. this tab is useful for a user as it gives you a glimpse of what content resonates well with your readers and what content doesn’t.you can also view reports that range from one week to 6 months or custom reports depending on the age of your site.

url inspection

this tab can be used to test URLs under your domain. this tools tests crawling, indexing, SEO, and markup detail errors.

bing webmaster URL inspection

once a URL is submitted for inspection bing checks its status on the bing index and provides detailed cards. a green marking shows everything is ok and no action needs to be taken a red marking shows an error that bing has identified on the URL.

the screenshot above is for a post URL that is already indexed but has few SEO issues.URL inspection is good for monitoring posts that may have issues.it also gives tips on how to solve the issue identified.in the above case, it suggested that the title should be less than 70 characters in length. and also highlighted that images in the post should contain alt attributes.

site explorer

site explorer works hand in hand with URL inspection.it gives the user an overview of how a site is doing from a search engine standpoint.

it looks at the site structure and shows issues with redirects, crawl issues & disallowed by robots.txt, etc. .it can be filtered to show different results like URLS redirecting, URLs with canonical issues, URLs with malware, URLs with a NOindex tag, URLs with crawling issues among others.

at the left-hand site are folders that contain URLs in the subdomain or part of the URL path. each folder provides relevant information from recent crawls of the site.

site explorer gives a 6-month report that can be downloaded as an excel sheet.


according to google search central sitemap is a file that provides information about pages videos on your site and how they relate to each other.


on this page, you can view and submit new sitemaps. sitemaps on bing webmaster should be in the format of either.XML, RSS 2.0, atom 0.3 & 1.0, and text. if you had transferred the site from google search console you don’t need to manually add sitemap as it is automatically added.

if you are new to sitemaps just add /sitemap.xml at the end of your domain name and submit.

URL submission

in bing webmaster URL submission you can submit URLs manually when new webpages are created or existing pages are updated. the good thing about URL submission is that content is instantly crawled instead of waiting for organic crawling from bingbot which takes time.

there is also the URL and content submission API for those who are good at programming .you get the benefit of real-time discovery and indexing of web pages that are most relevant to users.

according to bing webmaster with the submission API, you can submit up to 10000 URLs per day more than the 100 URLs per day for the manual way.


backlinks report contains information about site backlink profile including referring domains, pages, and anchor texts. all links shows a list of unique domains linking to your site at a given time you can also find out which page in the source domain is linking to your site’s page and the related anchor text.

anchor texts show anchor texts that are being used on the web to link to your website and the corresponding backlinks count. pages show you a list of pages on the web linking to your website.

similar sites

These tools enable you to analyze and compare your site’s backlinks with two other similar sites of your choosing. you can use this tool to snoop on competitors in your niche and find out what sites are linking to them. you can analyze top referring domains and top anchor texts of other sites in a list format.

you can apply filters to the results to show all data(default) show only common domains or show domains not linking to my site. same filters are also available for anchor text.

download option is available if you want to view the reports offline in CSV format.

disavow links

with this tool, you can inform bing of links pointing to your site that you don’t trust. enter the domain, page, or directory and click disavow.

keyword research

This tool is essential to creators to help them create meaningful content. this tool allows you to check phrases and keywords that searchers are querying and their corresponding search volumes.

this tool gives keyword ideas and stats of how frequently a certain keyword is being searched for along with trends over time. this informs creator if the keyword has enough search volume is evergreen or seasonal.

once a keyword is entered it results can either be filtered to show a specific country default is global, specific device, language & time period. the list section gives related keyword ideas trends and impressions. a higher number is usually a good sign of searchers’ intent.

seo reports

SEO reports contain page-level recommendations for improving your site rankings. they are automatically generated every week.

in the reports are error reports based on the severity from low to high together with the recommended actions to solve those errors.

site scan

this is an on-demand site audit tool that crawls and checks for common technical SEO issues. fixing these issues makes your site search engine friendly. you can either scan the entire website, sitemap, or specific URL.


crawl control.

this feature allows you to set the speed at which the bing bot makes requests for pages and resources on your website. you can either increase or decrease the speed of crawl for different times of the day.

block urls

this feature allows you to block a URL on your website so that the bing bot cannot access it. you can either block a page or a directory on your website. you can either block URL & cache or URL only. this block is only effective for 90 days after which it will need to be extended if need be.

Tools and enhancements.

Robots.txt tester.

a robots.txt file tells search engines crawler which pages or files search engines can access and which they cant .

this tool tests a specific URL for crawl issues it checks for allow/disallow for respective user agents and displays the robots.txt file in the editor. a download option provides a step-by-step process to download the edited file and uploading it to the domain root folder of your site.

microsoft clarity

this is the analytics version of bing webmaster tools although it’s still on its beta version its live demo shows a striking resemblance to google analytics in terms of features.

getting started you will need to add a tracking code to the head section of your site. or connect it to google analytics to sync data.

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  • Impressions: The number of times any page on your website was shown when the user searched for the selected keyword. When multiple pages of your website appear in one search result, each page view counts as an impression.
  • Clicks: The number of times a user searched for the selected keyword and clicked on the any page of your website.
  • Click Through Rate (CTR): For each keyword, this represents the percentage of impressions that resulted in user clicking on any page of your website.a higher % shows a postive CTR.
  • Average Position: This represents the average of the different positions on which any page of your website appeared for a selected keyword. 

A Bing webmaster tools condensed guide

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