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cost of starting a blog in Kenya

how much one needs to start a blog depends on various factors like space, speed, technology, etc. however there are bare minimums your host should offer no matter what package you choose they include.

  1. have uptime at 99.99%
  2. have excellent customer service that responds to customer queries on time
  3. be registered with the necessary governing bodies.
  4. has a variety of features in house to enable beginner to grow.
  5. has all major CMS ie drupal,wordpress,drupal

we are going to look at the top 5 web hosting companies in Kenya some of which I have used and compare them on various aspects and services that they offer. we will look at the following companies. truhost , who gohost, Kenya web experts,host pinnacle & webhost kenya.

comparison os starter packs between top hosts

getting started.

from the above comparison, Truhost is the cheapest at just Kshs 1499 per annum, and the most expensive is Whogohost at Kshs 5760 per annum. their packages are pretty similar as webspace ranges from 30-35GB which is enough to host any beginner website without any disruptions.

Whogohost offers 10GB for Kshs 5760 annually which is low at that price range.

domains registration.

all these companies are registered with kenic so they can offer .ke domains with no hassle. domain prices don’t differ much except for whogohost which charges Kshs 6331 for a .ke domain. all others range from Kshs 450- Kshs 999 for the .ke domain extension.

ease of use

all these companies integrate with c panel making it easy to build your blog without the need of hiring a web designer. with c panel, u simply install a script into your website and you are good to go major scripts like WordPress, Joomla, drupal are all available free of charge provided hosting and domain have been paid for.

upgrade add ons.

these companies offer enterprise upgrades like cloud hosting, windows web hosting & VPS, and dedicated servers meaning that even when your site grows and becomes a brand with millions of visitors you will not need to migrate to another company which costs time and money huge plus for the customer.

personal recommendation

I have personally used tru host(current), Kenya web experts,& host pinnacle over the years and I must commend these 3 for having an exemplary customer service team. as a beginner you at times make crucial mistakes that if you don’t have the correct support team your site can go down in an instant.

Tru host package is shared meaning for Kshs 1499 you can host up to 3 websites using the same hosting. this is both good & bad’s bad because it can slow down your sites if you utilize resources to capacity.

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useful links to get started.

use these links to get your site up and running in no time.

To get started on Tru host use the link.

To get started on hostpinnacle use the link

To get started on Whogohost use the link

To get started on Webhost Ke use the link

To get started on Kenya web experts use the link


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