How to get started as a blogger

There are more than 1 billion blogs in the world right now, building is building a successful blog can either be easy or hard depending on the steps that you follow. I personally I’ve been building blogs for the past 7  for the past seven years I don’t consider myself a pro but I know what works and what does not.  technology is changing every day making things simpler and faster. if you want to build a successful blog follow the steps that are outlined and you are guaranteed to succeed in your online journey.

So how do I start blogging?

  domain name.

getting a domain name is the first step in your online journey. a domain name is like a street address in your local neighborhood. the domain name should reflect what your blog is about. for ex: If your blog is about pets your domain name should reflect that in its name so that this other search engines and also your readers Know from the onset what you are blog is all about. there are many domain providers on the internet and I will go into more details in the next article so read on.


 Hosting is paying rent for your blog to be stored online on a secure server. you can either decide to choose free hosting from reputable companies like Google s blogger or wix or you can decide to purchase space from WordPress or other hosting companies like bluehost or hostinger. there are upsides and downsides to any format that you choose so read on to the next article to know which hosting package could suit your needs.

a free guide to get started with Bing webmaster tools


 this is what your blog is all about it’s the primary topic that you seek to address or write about. every niche is different in its own way. of all the steps this is the more important. I have seen and also made the mistake of copying other niches that I have seen to be more successful. The problem with this format is that you may not have enough information to ensure growth and you end up having a Blog that has only 10 articles and you encounter writer’s block. you are nice should be something that you’re passionate about or no something about it. success in your niche is the success of your blog. also, read the perfect blogpost recipe

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How to get started as a blogger

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