How to monetize a new site to earn over $1000 monthly.

monetize new site

can a new site make money? how long does it take for a new site to make a substantial income? these questions are always being asked by new bloggers who want to make a living out of sites can and do make money if monetized correctly.

so how does a new site make money?

new sites with minimal traffic can make money through ads, affiliate marketing, info products, courses, sponsored content. let’s look into each.


This is the simplest and the easiest access for new sites but can also be the least rewarding. after adding quality content to your site emphasis on programs like Adsense will accept your site if meets their program policy requirements which include the site should have enough content, have a custom privacy policy page, have high-value content that is unique and does not promote things like terrorism, trafficking, and the likes.

it typically will take a maximum of 2 weeks for Adsense to accept you into the program if requirements are met. there are other small ad networks out there but the problem is that they have very low CPCs and CPMs not worthy of your time.

another Adsense alternative that is gaining notoriety is ezoic which pays better. they have two tiers one for sites with over 10k monthly views and another for less which applies for newer sites.

the secret to making money with ads is to make a lot of quality content in order to increase organic traffic. in the first few months don’t be discouraged if you make $1 a month this is common with new sites and shouldn’t be an excuse to throw in the towel.

affiliate marketing

according to Investopedia affiliate marketing is the model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the companies products and services.


affiliate marketing earns big bucks for some of the top content creators around the world. for a new site, it may seem impossible to win but it shouldn’t. the most well-known affiliate program is the Amazon affiliate program but it’s also one that pays very little. this is because amazon sells physical products which attract costs like shipping, handling, and so forth.

let’s say you are in the baby products niche if someone clicks a link and buys a bassinet you had reviewed that goes for $60 you get 3% of that sell which is $1.8.for a small publisher you will need to sell 55 bassinets just to make over $100 in commissions.

info products & courses have proved to may much more in affiliate commissions. a site like e junkie pays 30-35% as affiliate commissions to promote art, ebooks, comics, and merchandise.

another way is to get in check affiliate programs by top vendors and see if their products fit your niche. affiliate links should fit naturally with your content and not be intrusive for users.

commission junction and click bank are also huge affiliate networks that have affiliate links in a variety of niches.

info products.

info products are knowledge resources that are sold digitally. the good thing with info products is that as the creator there are no production or distribution costs involved. once the product has been made and well-promoted it can sell for years to come with minimal effort.

info products can be in the form of e-books, podcasts, webinars, or even live events.

this video will help you to know how to sell your info product on your website easily.

promote your info product effectively and watch sales grow exponentially


courses are also a way for new sites to make money. this method has the highest payout but also requires the most effort. platforms like EDX or Udemy have grown over the years by creating a place where learners access the same information they could at a college but at a fraction of the cost.

while building a course might seem intimidating it shouldn’t be. people are also on the lookout to learn new skills and the skill you might have of designing epic logos might be highly sorted after.

courses also offer the highest commissions in affiliate sales. sites like skillshare pay top dollar for every course you promote and a successful sale occurs.

sponsoured posts.

companies are always looking for people to get the word out and bring product awareness. this method has been there for a long time but has just recently become a norm.on Instagram individuals with huge followings are called influencers that is because a single post by them can increase the sale of the promoted product or service by a huge percentage.

on youtube individuals like MKBHD have mastered the art of promotion and made it seem normal. MKBHD can promote a car like Tesla in a way that seems like an appreciation video rather than an extended advertisement. and since they have a massive following people trust their judgment easily

as a new site send proposal emails to companies in your niche informing them how you like a certain product or service that they have and mention how you can write an optimized article around the product that will increase sales and awareness.

companies are usually open to such promotions and since you are a small site they know they will pay less as compared to a huge site. a win-win for both parties.


youtube has also an awesome monetization program catered for by Adsense. there are YouTubers out there like Graham Stephan who make over $3mil in a year just from ads.

You can get started and earn a good amount of money even with as little as 1000 subs. your youtube channel can be in the same niche as your blog so enable traffic to flow vice also isn’t wise to place all your eggs in one basket. diversify

How to monetize a new site to earn over $1000 monthly.

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