Off-page SEO for beginners: tips and tricks

off page seo

Off-page SEO is everything you do outside of your website to create brand awareness and build organic traffic. this includes link building, content marketing, social media too name a few.

Why is off-page SEO important

Without off-page SEO getting noticed by new prospects is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Get started with off-page SEO as a beginner.

Content marketing

Content marketing helps your content reach the desired audience and pass out your message. content marketing cuts across both on-page and off-page. it’s easier to market content that resonates with readers than the market average not researched content.

As a beginner content marketing can be approached in various ways there is no one silver bullet.

Creating freebies is the easiest way to create a loyal audience. consider things like free ebooks, infographics, cheat sheets, webinars, reviews, podcasts among others.

with an eye-catching lead magnet building, an email list is easy especially with free apps like mail chimp which allows you to build a community of 2000 subscribers with their free plan.

Link building

Backlinks are a way for authoritative sites to pass their juice to smaller sites. according to studies getting one backlink from an authoritative site like Wikipedia can drive traffic by up to 32%.

Not all links carry the same weight some are good for your brand and some are not. let’s say your site is in the finance niche a backlink from Forbes or wall street journal will be more valuable than a backlink from a pet’s website.

A common practice by many beginners who try and cheat the system is to buy backlinks, search engines have gotten smarter over the years with constant AI updates that they know immediately if a link is natural or bought. see more here

Guest blogging is a good way to build natural backlinks. when seeking to guest blog ensure you create a unique value proposition that benefits you and the other party for them to consider your proposal from the many that they get.

join Haro a site where journalists around the world seek articles from individuals. sign up for their daily emails to get started.

Social media

If your brand is not on social media it simply doesn’t exist. social media is a free source of traffic which when harnessed well can drive even millions of hits to your site free of charge.

As any other form of off-page SEO social media has its rules that need to be followed. as a content creator, you should realize that not everyone will be interested in what you put out no matter how good it is.

For sites like Facebook or quora in order to get meaningful traffic is important to join related groups and circles that are in your niche. Facebook, I personally am a member of groups in my niche where I post links in the groups whenever I write new articles. but I make sure not to spam.

Pinterest and Reddit are also a  source of free traffic. since Pinterest is a visual platform make sure your content is appealing like infographics, fun gifs, or pdfs.

Youtube is a great source of traffic and the good thing about youtube is that the suggested videos guarantee your content will get discovered with no effort on your part. in the future, we will put a cheat sheet of the road to the first 1k subs on youtube easily.

Social media should not come at the expense of creating content. more time should be spent on research for content than on social media.

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Local seo

People who already know you will be more excited to interact with your brand as compared to new people. local SEO stands for optimizing content for the people who are nearest to you. local SEO should include getting your brand on google my business and maps to drive people to you.

Bulletin boards and forums also work well as a form of local SEO.

Off-page SEO for beginners: tips and tricks

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