10 point SEO checklist for new websites in 2022

Starting a new site is easy but getting your articles to rank on Google is the difficult part if approached with no strategy.new websites can rank in the top pages of SERPs if proper optimization guidelines are followed. they include. Technical seo Technical SEO is the process of ensuring a site meets all requirements by […]

useful WordPress plugins new a blog must-have.

The good thing about WordPress is that it has created an ecosystem that makes blogging very easy and fun. in the WordPress library there are thousands of useful plugins that provide functions for everything you will need to run a successful blog. there are plugins for email marketing, SEO,eCommerce, page building, security among many others. […]

Top 5 perfect blog post writing recipe.

In Writing perfect blog posts you must include: use of clear headings & appropriate spacings, avoiding fluff and getting to the point, doing the research before you write and not after, structuring your posts and allowing your posts to cook, and adjusting heat if necessary  Use clear font headings and appropriate spacings. Clear font and […]

Top 5 recommendations for choosing a domain name.

As we stated in a previous article start-your-online-journey your domain name is your address on the web and should be thought of at length before a decision is made. your domain name should represent how you want your brand to be understood in the online sphere. before choosing your domain name look into our recommendations […]

Top 6 mistakes to avoid as a new blogger

As a new blogger, your chances of success are slim because of many factors .new bloggers fail mainly because of seeking shortcuts and lacking a winning formula. if you avoid the mistakes 90% do as illustrated below you will be bound to succeed. Joining traffic/link exchange programs. A traffic exchange program is a system where […]

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