profitable blogging niches in Kenya in 2022.

profitable blogging niches

There are niches that make more money from ads for the same amount of page views as compared to others and just that is the plain truth. while blogging can be your passion if you choose the wrong niche it might take you longer to make enough passive income to quit your day job if it’s in your plans.

as a blogger, you should realize from day 1 that the choice of your niche will affect how much you will earn through monetization in the future.

the one thing that solely qualifies how a niche is profitable is called buyer intent and this varies from industry to industry. let me explain.

buyer intent in advertising is the probability that a consumer will purchase a product or a service within a specific period of time.

finding out if a niche is profitable?

the easiest way is to check the demographics of the niche and industry. a niche in the news category doesn’t need to spend much on advertising because the ROI is low as compared to an insurance niche or finance niche where the ROI is higher.

in the buyer’s journey, there are 3 stages Awareness, consideration & decision the closer you are to the decision stage the more you make from advertising since companies know a customer is ready to open up their wallets and spend on their product or service.

also advertising that advertises let’s say kids’ products pay less since kids have less to no spending power as compared to adults.

what are the profitable blogging niches in kenya ?.

there are many niches that can make you good money through selling ad space on your site either directly or through an ad network.

  • finance-in the finance industry mortgage advertisers pay so much since the sale of a mortgage will see the bank profit for over 10 years just from one customer.
  • Telecommunication-whenever new products launch like smartphones companies put alot of money to ensure their product is bought and in huge volumes.
  • hospitality-though it seasonal it pays well since toursists who visit our hotels spend big bucks on accomodation.highest revenues are between oct-dec.
  • insuarance-this industry pays well not only in kenya but also worldwide.insuarance policies dont come cheap and so it their advertising.
  • construction & manufacturing -sale of equipment in construction
  • electronics-this pays well depending on what is being advertised
  • betting & gambling- this industry has grown alot over the years and millions are transacted on daily basis across betting platforms.
  • fashion
  • property-land sale,property being sold,house for sale or rent.
  • vehicles
  • home appliances-gardening, kitchen and dining appliances and furniture especially when is a huge sale
  • outdoor activities-camping,cycling etc…
  • shopping
  • DIY.
  • health
  • parenting
  • cooking-recipes although competitive

how can I target profitable niches as a blogger

the following screenshot is from my own blog to show that there are profitable niches in Kenya. on the right, you can see eCPM as high as $196 and $4 just from Kenyan traffic. these are from articles that I wrote that have a huge buyer intent so advertisers found it easy to place relevant ads in that content.

another way to target profitable niches is to make them the primary subject of your site. it’s easy to attract ads in the mortgage space if your site is in the finance niche.

what to expect

profitable niches are not always profitable and a lot of factors come into play. politics is a huge factor in how much advertisers are willing to spend based on the aspired future returns. as we as a country are approaching an electioneering period expect upward and downward trends depending on the political climate.

traffic sources and page views also determine how profitable a niche will be to you. don’t use traffic exchange sites as I warn against them and also grow your brand to target the creme of the drop in any industry when it comes to advertising

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what to do if your niche is not that profitable.

The quickest fix for this is to change your ad broker. most brokers pay so little in terms of their CPM & ctr rates that is so difficult to make any substantial amount of money even with 1000s of visitors. one ad broker that pays well in eCPM and that I personally use is Ezoic. since switching to them from AdSense my income has almost quadrupled as their eCPM can go as high as $50 which is encouraging.

if your niche doesn’t pay a lot you will need to approach clients directly and cut out the middle man(ad broker) in order to make good money.

if your site is in the news niche the good thing with this niche is that constantly updated sites receive tons of traffic because there is always something new to report about.

if you visit top news sites like Kenyans or business daily Africa you will notice that there are static ads that advertise only one company or product. These are put after an agreement has been reached between both parties and usually attract big bucks.

occasional sponsored posts also work well across niches and payment is good.

profitable blogging niches in Kenya in 2022.

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