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SEO checklist for a new blog

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Starting a new site is easy but getting your articles to rank on Google is the difficult part if approached with no strategy. doing SEO for a new site shouldn’t stress you much and if you are patient and approach it correctly in no time search engines will start ranking your content. follow the below steps and watch your content go to the top 5 easily.

Optimize images

Images are essential to any article to give a visual aspect of your work and also increase CTR. when I started blogging I would either pick a stock image from the web or use my smartphone camera to add images to my posts. about 10 posts later I started realizing that my website was loading pretty slowly and my page speed insights score reduced to the 30s range which is terrible.

after research, I found out that there’s a way to compress images online. as a rule of thumb don’t upload an image to your site that is above 200kb use useful tools to compress the image without losing quality like compress JPEG among the recent update of WordPress, it started allowing users to use web p images which are adapted for search engines. also allow your cache app to lazy load images and iframes to decrease load time use an app like LiteSpeed cache which has this feature inbuilt.

Write useful content(search analysis)

As it’s said content is king but I will put a caveat to it and rephrase it to ,good content is king. adding content to your posts that are not useful will only waste your time and increase your chances of giving up faster. maybe you have read online that long articles are good for SEO but this is because long articles have much more content but this only applies if your article has illustrations, tables, infographics that help the user more instead of a lot of fluff.

search analysis is important before you start typing. before opening that word document or Google docs first search for the keywords you intend to rank for and look for the competition from either huge reputable sites in the niche or search volumes which can be predicted by related searches at the bottom of the SERP. if your keywords are not being searched for abandon the post entirely also google autocomplete feature is a good tool to predict user searches. more on this on this latest post.

Always use SSL

SSL stands for secure sockets layer.  A site that has SSL in it has a lock sign before the domain name in a browser. initially, SSL certificates were only essential for e-commerce sites but with time it has become an industry standard that all sites should have an SSL certificate. search engines use it to assess that your site can be trusted and is legit and not a spam or bot site. as a new blogger, you don’t need to buy a new one you can get one from let’s encrypt or Cloudflare free of charge.

Use an SEO friendly theme

Finding the perfect theme is a difficult job and no one theme applies to every site across the board. a theme that fits an e-commerce site will not be good for a simple blog site or financial site. start by looking in the WordPress library themes and test themes before committing to purchase, up to now I have never purchased a theme because there are free themes in the WordPress store that are perfect for me.

A good way to check how a theme will rank is. install your preferred theme ->activate theme->log out of WordPress->go to page speed insights and check score for both mobile and desktop. the score should at least be above 50 for both if not deactivate and try another until you find one that is suitable.

Social media is a must

Being active on social media builds credibility for your brand and is also a way of interacting with your readers and also getting new active in Facebook groups. answer questions on Quora that are relatable to your niche post pins on Pinterest and also in forums like Reddit but be careful not to spam or else you might end up getting banned. there are plenty of studies out there on how these big sites are driving traffic to smaller sites and also raising post rankings on SERPs.

Post regularly

Posting once a month will not work especially when you are starting out. post as regularly as possible and when not posting research and what to post next. hitting the publish button should be frequent if you’re starting out. search engines favor blogs that always have new content, unlike blogs that post seldom. i have personally noticed in my other blogs that when I post content regularly organic traffic increases with minimal effort. as I highlighted earlier don’t buy traffic if you have long-term prospects of growth. develop a post formula and stick to it.

a free guide to getting started with Bing webmaster tools

Cache site

While this is a step that is not done manually it’s absolutely necessary. A good caching plugin will help to cache your site & load it faster and considering all your web visitors don’t come from the same location a cache helps all visitors to get the same user experience. cloud flare mentioned earlier is CDN and has this feature has built-in the free version. go check google analytics and check bounce rate a bad one indicates users probably are having high load times and should be improved immediately

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According to google internal linking helps google AI to index your articles faster and rank.


This depends, there are very many aspects of SEO while one aspect of SEO like indexing can be immediate, others like increasing domain authority or ranking on the top 3 take time.

Do plugins affect SEO

Yes. as a rule of thumb don’t have more than 5 plugins on your site.Css/Javascript codes clash between plugins decreasing site load times.


my name is Karani and I am here to help you succeed online through blogging. I am heavily invested in this field and know what steps guarantee success follow me on this journey for direct email [email protected]

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