Top 5 blogging mistakes by beginners.

New bloggers are prone to make mistakes in building their sites that often cost them the success of their site early on.

Blogging should as difficult as put by many so-called experts.

This article will help you fireproof your blog and guarantee long-term positive growth.

Not backing up website

This is often overlooked by newbies because whenever you join any web host they promise to back up your site every day. I was once caught on the receiving end of this.

I made minor changes on Cpanel and my site immediately crashed and I couldn’t get it back despite my hosting company promising to backup my site.

In the process, I lost over 100 posts that had taken me a long time to research and write.don’t make the same mistake I now use ManageWp to back up my site for only $2 a month there are also good plugins like Updraft plus that perform the same function.

Make sure not to save passwords if you use a shared computer.WordPress logins that fall in the wrong hands are dangerous.

A plugin called Loginizer blocks brute force attacks by blocking IPs after it reaches maximum retries.

Ignoring search console & analytics

New bloggers, I have and been one before ignore the wealth of information that is in Google search console and Google analytics.

analytics data

I was only concerned with raw data and pageviews and cared less about what was working and what wasn’t.

As I have previously stated in failing to in my previous blog I wrote articles no one cared about they were more of rants than interest topics.

Google Analytics user dashboard under offers information on what articles are bringing in the traffic and what aren’t. a site can have 50 articles but only 10 carry the site as a blogger u need to invest your strengths on topics covered in your 10 ranking ones and avoid the 40 like a plague.

User geography is also important as it will inform you on how much your site could earn when monetized.

In Asian and African countries advertisers pay less interpreting to low CPMs & CPCs which in turn lowers earnings for the blogger more on this on the next tip

Approaching monetization wrongly

The purpose of starting a blog for over 90% of people is to generate extra income either through advertising, affiliate marketing, or memberships

I personally have made the mistake of approaching monetization wrongly but truth be told I didn’t know any better.

There are over a dozen ad networks that accept even small publishers which even makes it more confusing on what to choose and what to ignore.

The major problem with most ad networks is that their code has javascript which slows down your site and affects load times. their pop-ups and pop-under are also obtrusive and since they don’t have many advertisers in their database they end up showing nonrelated ads decreasing CTR.

The best way to approach monetization for a newbie is to join a premium ad network like AdSense or Ezoic and ensure to adhere to their program policies.

These ad networks offer better payments and guarantee a good overall user experience.

For Adsense after being accepted to the program enable auto ads or manually place code but ensure ads are not too many that your content isn’t visible.

For Ezoic follow their placeholder placements formula and give it time to continually test your site they say that it takes about 3 months in the Ezoic platform before your site starts receiving its peak earnings and EPMV is on top

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Ignoring email marketing

Email marketing is the main tool for getting repeat traffic and customers on demand. this is the only communication channel that you own.

According to a study by McKinsey, email marketing is 40% more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined.

Email marketing enables you to build a loyal community of readers who understand and care about your brand.

There are great services out there, like Aweber, mail chimp Convertkit both free and premium for a beginner mail chimp has a free option but is limited to 2000 subs which ok for a new site to build a community of readers.

Email marketing, when used correctly, should be used to offer premium services to your subscribers that are not available to the public.

It can either be e-books, tool kits cheat sheets, webinars among other things not in the public space.

Also, have a schedule on when you send emails to make a routine with your readers and also guarantee that they actually open them.

Copyrighting content without approval

Although this is not common it still happens more so with new bloggers.

Some new bloggers think online success can be copy-pasted they copy articles from a reputable site in their niche perform minor tweaks and repost them as their own.

This tactic seems clever but it’s actually foolish. Google AI has gotten smarter over the years in that it recognizes authentic work with minimal effort. after publishing a couple of articles google automatically recognizes your modes of writing and immediate changes are noticed in no time.

If the owner of the content notices and issues a DMCA takedown notice be sure you will be banned and they might take legal action against you.


  • What should I do if I notice my content has been copied without my permission?

According to varn you should Contact the owner of the site directly and also their hosting provider and ask them to take it down if they don’t gather evidence and take legal action against them.

  • Do many ads guarantee more earnings?

This is not true in fact the less the need to be placed to be in sync with the content of the site instead of standing out. this creates a harmonious user experience that they feel the ads are part and parcel of the site.

  • What is the best ad network for a beginner?

Adsense is the best for a beginner it’s easier to get accepted and doesn’t require any technical abilities. just copy and paste.

Top 5 blogging mistakes by beginners.

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