Top 5 perfect blog post writing recipe.

In Writing perfect blog posts you must include: use of clear headings & appropriate spacings, avoiding fluff and getting to the point, doing the research before you write and not after, structuring your posts and allowing your posts to cook, and adjusting heat if necessary 

Use clear font headings and appropriate spacings.

Clear font and headings help your work to look professional and neat. some fonts are cool for building signs for lemonade stands or graphic designs but don’t apply to articles at all. clear fonts hook your reader and they get the most important points in your article.

consider also bolding important points in your posts to drive them home. as for spacing, the rule of thumb is to use it carefully but not overuse it, you might have seen a post that has been spaced too much that is tiresome to read through. after about 6 lines start a new paragraph with follow up points.

 long post or short posts:? depends

many so-called experts insist that article length should not be below 1200 words in order for it to rank. I used to believe it until I proved it works only in some instances. currently, my electronics blog has ranked 3 articles at no1 and 2 for their related keywords and yet they are less than 600 words in length. this applies depending on the topic and keyword search volume. for some keywords articles below 1000 words and your posts will never rank on the 1st page. assess your niche and top sites in it and see what works.don’t try to reinvent the wheel just grease the bearings and continue with the journey.

Avoid fluff and get to the point

If you are writing about exercises to burn belly fat and get a six-pack to get straight to it and avoid useless information like how you have tried for many months to join a gym unsuccessfully. while this information might be beneficial to your readers’ to the google AI it’s just fluff as it’s not an answer to the search query. if you have noticed of late snippets are more common these days and the posts that win them answer the search query directly and to the point.

Do research before writing and not after

When starting out a blog it’s common to make the mistake of writing articles that have little or no search volume. you can rank no 1 for an article that has little search volume costing you valuable time and you get no ROI.

I personally have made this mistake of writing articles that are more interest-based rather than research-based they ended not being ranked at all. before writing goggle your article heading and see the SERP if any authority website has addressed the subject if yes choose another angle but still on topic and write your article. don’t make the mistake of writing bogus articles just to fill up your blog.

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Structure your post first

Before writing your blog post write all the subtopic headings on a blank word document and space them and research before typing the first word. take about 20 mins to ensure there’s a flow of ideas and ensure you don’t have brain fog hence wasting a lot of time when typing. this method has personally increased my typing speeds 10 fold as I waste no time thinking about what next. as they say, a planned battle is a battle already half won.use whatever tools that work for you to plan your posts effectively.

Give it time to cook and add heat if necessary

After publishing your post ensure you promote it effectively either through social media or online forums. you need to wait for the post to be crawled and rank.

many content writers make the mistake of buying traffic trying to trick search engines that their content is a quality only for their site ending being classed as a spam site which is detrimental. there is no particular formula to predict how long it will take to rank. some of my articles that are doing well took like 4 months to get to the no 1 page without me doing anything fishy or spammy to try and beat the system. if a post ranks at no 2-6 on page 1 make a few edits redirect it and publish again.

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  • How long does it take to index-according to google search central there is no guarantee that search engines will index your content. according to the good content takes about a week to index
  • Which niches ranks faster-news sites generally rank faster as they are constantly updated and information is changing.
  • how to make your blog is index faster-make sure your server can handle requests fast.also, make internal links to the new article prominent as it shows the article is important to search engines.
  • How many times should I post in a week?-the more the better but at least 3 times in a week  works well in retaining readers and keeping the information is fresh.
  • Should I buy backlinks to increase traffic-absolutely not.a backlink from a spammy site will affect your domain authority and also confuse search engines on what your site is about, build backlinks slowly and genuinely to get traffic without too much sweat.       
  • How should I promote my posts -promote content after posting either through social media sites like facebook,quora reddit etc..or also do a youtube video about the content you have posted.
Top 5 perfect blog post writing recipe.

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