Top 5 recommendations for choosing a domain name.

As we stated in a previous article start-your-online-journey your domain name is your address on the web and should be thought of at length before a decision is made. your domain name should represent how you want your brand to be understood in the online sphere. before choosing your domain name look into our recommendations as they will help you to reach your decision faster.

The shorter the better.

Long-tail keywords are good for writing articles but terrible for domains. your domain name should be short and direct. the advantage with short domains is that it’s easier to remember and also makes them more relevant to search engines. not that domain name directly affects rankings but it favors you in terms of CTR.

if your perfect keywords are already taken which is the case with most keywords I suggest searching for your domain on GoDaddy and check on the suggestions tab they give relevant and related suggestions, I actually got my domain name for this site from a GoDaddy suggestion after I found that my intended name was already taken.

Choose Keywords in your niche

Have you ever encountered a website where the domain name and site reflected completely different things? i recently saw a website that had pets in the domain name but it was about the wilder beast migration from Serengeti to the Maasai mara which is a beautiful occurrence but completely unrelated. wilder beasts are animals but not pets and chances of someone returning to your site are pretty thin.

keyword-rich domains increase CTR by a factor of 10 and guarantee success online. keywords also tell the search engines what your site is about and in turn the search engine sends related hits to you. also read recipe for blogposts

Check plans before purchasing

If your search for cheap domains on google you will find domains as cheap as $0.43 which is very cheap and ticks all boxes. this is a strategy top registrars use to get you hooked and buy a domain name from them. however, if you are not careful you might find yourself having to part with over $50 the following year for the domain renewal and other related fees.

they might include domain privacy and protection, SSL certificates among other fees. check on the fees in * and read below what the registrar isn’t revealing upfront.

I fell into that trap a few years ago and quickly found out what I thought was cheap was very expensive, to say the least. if you are comfortable with the renewal fees and can afford it comfortably without factoring in any assumed income that might be generated from the site then go for it.

Act fast

As we have seen getting the perfect domain is getting difficult by the day as most domain names are already taken. When you search and find your domain name and extension are not taken quickly act and snap it’s safe to have a domain name and build the site slowly which is the bottom-up approach instead of building a blog where the domain name is not available.

Get domain name and hosting as a bundle.

While others might advise differently I strongly advise that you purchase the domain and hosting from a single company instead of buying separately.

The first reason is that most companies will give you the customer a good discount if you take everything in-house instead of transferring domains from another registrar to theirs. secondly, it can cost you valuable time, and let’s say your hosting company has issues but your domain name is fine.

such results in downtime costing you and the visitors of your site., also customer service and the initial setup are faster and easier if everything is in one place. check your companies reputation before joining their uptime should not be below 99.99% for them to give you service for your money.

after careful research and trial, I have found that Bonus—the extension of your domain is important as it gives a clear indication of where your site falls in. while .com is the most common others like .edu. .org. co.UK .inc are common also.if your site is not about an organization then the .org extension will not be useful to you. stick with the simpler extensions as they are easier to rank for. Also, check which helps you check the history of a domain to avoid spammy domain names.

Top 5 recommendations for choosing a domain name.

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