Top 6 mistakes to avoid as a new blogger

As a new blogger, your chances of success are slim because of many factors .new bloggers fail mainly because of seeking shortcuts and lacking a winning formula. if you avoid the mistakes 90% do as illustrated below you will be bound to succeed.

Joining traffic/link exchange programs.

A traffic exchange program is a system where you watch ads and in turn, get hits on your website depending on your earned points. this strategy looks good if you have a new website and have no traffic. These traffic exchange sites also have the option of purchasing hits for a couple of dollars.

I personally tried this on a new website that I owned and found that while I received 1000s of hits from them I got none from search engines. search engine AI looks at the behavior of users on your site things like bounce rate, session time and traffic source determine the worth of your site. these on-page SEO tricks work well for a beginner.

if the search engine detects that your traffic is not genuine they immediately flag your website as spam and your rankings go down big time. as a newbie, you will hear that quality backlinks are necessary to get ranked now the problem is as a new site getting backlinks from reputable sites in your niche is not easy. link exchange sites promise to get you backlinks to favor your rankings I have tried this also and found the biggest problem with link exchange is that you get garbage backlinks from xxx sites that tarnish your reputation from day 1.

Now, what should I do ?-publish quality content and share it on related Facebook groups,quora, or Reddit and you will slowly start seeing your domain authority rise with shortcut to this.

being in a hurry to fast to get monitized

We become bloggers for different reasons but the big one among them is the need to make a few extra bucks either through affiliate marketing or ad sales. making money if set as the primary reason for blogging removes the fun from blogging and makes it work.

I once published a blog and 1 month later for not knowing better started submitting it to every ad program, I knew from Adsense, Infolinks,bidvertiser, propeller ads,evadav, among others I got rejected from most, and the ones I got accepted to I quickly published as many ads on my homepage as I possibly could. my homepage looked like a huge billboard that no one cared about. the traffic was minimal and since most ad networks pay from CPM cost per 1000 impressions I soon realized I had wasted a lot of time and earned pennies. this helpful guide shows how to approach monetization for a new site.

When your start your new website don’t even think of getting monetized before you have 20 articles published have over 1/2 of your articles ranking and have at least 1000 page views per month.

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Publishing few articles.

As I highlighted previously in perfect blogpost recipe building rapport with readers requires content and time. the main reason that most bloggers fail is that they publish a few articles watch and see no magic and immediately give up. am a member in Facebook groups where I see people sell their blogs that are less than a yr old only because what they had anticipated is yet to come to pass. If you are in a competitive niche it will require a lot of work before you start seeing any results. as a rule of thumb for a new site publish new articles at least 3 times a week.

Not doing research before posting

when I started out I was passionate and immediately went on to publish over 10 articles in the electronics spares niche that I am well versed in. I wrote quality articles full of keywords and images but 6 months down the line only  2 ranked and they were getting only a few hits from search’s only after I took a course by Neil Patel that I realized I was making the huge mistake of not doing research. what do I mean by doing research before you write an article first go and google or any other search engine and check on the search volume of the keywords that you intend to rank for and see if people are searching for if not abandon it. Personally, after I did the research I realized that I had wasted my precious time writing articles no one ever searched for, they were of interest to me but not others that the painful truth in writing.

Choosing a very competitive niche

Can you succeed in a very competitive niche? Highly unlikely to be completely honest if you follow the exact strategies your competitors are following. let’s say you decide to start a celebrity gossip blog, it’s well searched and has a high traffic volume. a big problem is that TMZ and Nicki swift have already beat you to that. it’s so ingrained in people’s brains that they type their address directly on the search bar when searching for the latest on any celebrity and the chances of you getting hits on your blog in such a niche are very small. another example to drive this point home a site about the ranking of the world’s richest that is not Forbes or Bloomberg billionaires index quickly falls down the gutter as these are the already established giants in that niche. if you took a different route and also highlighted the billionaire background stories, secret hobbies unlike these sites then you have a fighting chance.

Wasting time on design

UX/UI stands for user experience/interface. when building a site as an owner we all want it to look cool and have the best plugins and unique color schemes. users like this and also search engines will rank your site high if the user experience is good this is according to Moz in a recent study of how Google ranking works. this is important and I am by no means watering it down, but if no content is present too much on your beautifully designed site no one will care. sites like the new york times website are not flashy yet receive millions of hits monthly. when you start your blog divide your time into 20/30/50 buckets the first 20 is design and all other works to things running smoothly the next 30 is building a community of readers through email marketing & social more on this later and the last 50 is writing quality content that users will search for and enjoy.


Feel free to point others that you feel I have left out in the comment section, and also share this info with your friends.

Top 6 mistakes to avoid as a new blogger

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